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Schools & Nurseries

Photo shoot days with KAD Photography are an excellent way to raise money for your organisation, no matter how big or small!

From playgroups of 20 little ones to schools of over 500 , KAD Photography have two fundraising options for YOU to choose from .  This means you can think about what suits your organisation best and how you can make the most money. 

Photo Shoot days can last from 3 hours to 6 hours and include photo shoots lasting from 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

A plain white background will be the main option, but if the space is available I will bring along different mini backgrounds - Giving you lots of variety in that short shoot!


Charge £5 per shoot - and the £5 goes in YOUR pocket !

A popular option for the smaller schools or playgroups.  When choosing this option it is best aimed at young families who will need a longer photo shoot time, eg 20/30 minutes.  You will find that families do not not mind parting with £5 if they are receiving a photo shoot that is a comfortable amount of time for young children and plenty variety (eg, individual photographs of the children, everyone together, just the children etc.) Especially if they know the school/playgroup get to keep and benefit from that £5. Along with your £5 shoot fee you will receive a cheque for 10% of the order total!


This is the most popular option and suits large schools with a range of ages.  This option allows you to squeeze lots of FREE shoots into 10/15 minute slots and the organisation receives 15% of the order total ! In the past, this has meant schools have received a cheque from KAD Photography for over £400! 

Most school & nursery bookings will have a minimum of 3 hour bookings.  However, if you are a very small & local organisation (and would only fill 1-2 hours) please get in touch as I am open to lifting this minimum 3 hour rule.