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KAD Photography is closed on Wednesdays & Sundays (if not photographing a wedding).  Opening hours are 9am to 4pm with evening appointments available on request.

A lot of time is spent outside of the office and either in the studio or out photographing weddings.  All emails and calls will be answered within 1-2 days.

A Little About Me ...

I had always loved photographing people and my passion led me to Aberdeen College in 2005, where I started my HND in Photography & Imaging.  I started getting asked to do photo shoots of families & friends and without thought of future success, I slapped on the title "KAD Photography" - nice and easy - just my initials!  Had I known I would be taking KAD Photography into a full time self employed business, I would have possibly put more thought into the name - but here I am :) 

With my HND in hand and still eager to learn and explore,  I made the leap to Grays School of Art where I achieved a Bachelor of Arts with Second Class Honours in Photographic & Electronic Media. 

In my third year of university I was lucky enough to get a job working for an extremely well known & successful photographer in the city centre of Aberdeen.  After a fantastic 3 years (bringing us to 2012) my passion for wedding photography inspired me to go self employed and make KAD Photography a full time business.